Demo Released

Hey all! It's been a while

I've been having tons of fun working on my game Keizu. Lately, weve made a lot of changes that we feel makes the game more enjoyable overall including art updates, level design changes and remaking old gameplay systems that were outdated and clunky.

With that said I just want to remind you to COMMENT YOUR CODE. I dont care if you know what it does, make a small comment explaining what each function or method or whatever does! Itll save you and anyone who reads your code a lot of trouble. I just learned this the hard way with my dialog system. I removed a loop and didnt realize it was crucial for another script to work properly and then couldnt recreate it 

One of my favorite new updates is the updated title screen!

Check out this quick vid showcasing some demo footage too 


Anyways, development is going well! Hoping to put out more gameplay features soon 


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93 days ago

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